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Doris Anthony

Another great example of 'Let's Guess Her Name'. Trim model from the early 70s w/ medium length reddish brown hair. Was Covergirl of Modern Man Special #69 as Doris Anthony. Was in Knight 4/72 as Eve Bakey.

Modern Man - Special #69

Modern Man - Special #69

Product ID: modm-spec.69g
Quarterly - Winter 1972. Bra-Busters on Parade. Covergirl Doris Anthony also has 7 pgs inc a 2 pg color foldout on heavy stock paper - is Dominique Prevot?? Starlyn Du Pree, Sandra Blair, Black model Debbie Moore, Nina Tempa, Patty Barr, Egon Maret, Sarah Braun and Marie Lease each have 6 pgs, Arlene Bell & Kristy Harris each have 5 pgs, Pat Hall, Penny Carter, Karen Duke and Barbara Kaiser each have 4 pgs. Mag has some fairly heavy warping from H2O but surprisingly few marks and no stuck pgs - Fair

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