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Ellen Saunders

Busty blonde w/ fairly long hair and bangs appeared in a number of mags from about 1972 - 1976. Often billed under a single name or anonymously, this is another case where the name I've chosen may not be accurate but is the only thing resembling a real name that I have found. She was Ellen Saunders in STUD 8/72 and photos from the same shoot also appeared in ALL MAN 12/72 & MAN'S PLEASURE 1/74 - in both cases she was billed as 'Chris'. 

    King Size

    King Size

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    Digest size, No date (late 70s), from Intex-Nederland B.V. This one says 'Candy' in the top right corner of the FC and has 64 pgs, 14 in color. All full pg photos except for 2 double page pics. Is absolutely loaded with busty babes Galore! Dean Ackerlund has excellent color FC + 11 full pg pics. Janice Hurst has 10 pgs, Toni Sands has BC + 9 pgs inc CF. Joan Nelson has 4 pgs, Ellen Saunders also has 4 pgs, Katrina Lane has 3 pgs with dark hair and 3 more in the blonde wig. Wendy Smith (aka Geraldine) and Sherry Newman each have 2 pgs, plus lots of other familiar faces in this one.

    Please note that this item is a CD - NOT the magazine itself.

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