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Mikki France

Busty brunette model from the early - mid 60s who usually appeared w/ her hair in a long braid. Was Covergirl and CF of STAG PARTY #1 and CF of MR. 6/67 & TOPPER 8/62.

Mr - 1967-06

Mr - 1967-06

Product ID: mr1967-06d
Honi King has foldout FC + 2 pgs, Mikki France has nice 8 pg feature inc 3 pg foldout CF, Karen Reeds has 5 pgs inc 2 pg foldout. Articles about Pamela Austin (the Dodge Rebellion Girl), Tequila and the Indy 500. Bright and shiny, VG+ - has 'June 1967' neatly written in the 'R' of the title. 

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