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These magazines were printed in England under license (says so in the publication credits on inside FC) and have the cover price in British pence (80P, 90P) as opposed to US dollars.

Nearly all issues are reprints of other PN mags, usually with new covers, different ads and minor changes in text. See individual issues for more specific information.

Early issues had an ad on the Back Cover but starting with v1 #9 the Back Cover is blank.

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Kingsize International - v2.06

Product ID: Kingsize Int - v2.06b
(1976, 90P Cover Price) - Covergirl looks like Linda Linear with brunette hair and different style. Another issue of random pics. Loretta the Mystery Girl has 3 full pg pics, Roberta Pedon, Yum Yum and Paula Page have multiple pics. Joyce Spaeth, Nika Movenka, Bobbi Hall & Doreen Courier have full pg pics. Lots of other familiar faces too. Barely touched - beautiful FINE+

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