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Sophia Capri-p

Busty model from the mid 90s w/ short dark hair and a large tattoo on her butt cheek. Previously known as Cat Tailer - see additional listings under that name.

    Gent - 1996-09

    Gent - 1996-09

    Jaqueline has FC + 8 pgs. Tracey West as 'Tracey Walden', Roxy Rider, Anna Amore and Winona (from 10/95) each have 6 pgs. Tianna shares 6 w/ Raina. Vintage model Faith Rankin has 3 pgs, Mag contains a 32 pg pullout section - Sophia Capri has FC + 6 pgs inc CF, Zoey has 6 pgs and a 6 pg lingerie feature. FINE copy is very bright & glossy, a few minor stresses. VG+ copy is bright & glossy some minor stresses and a couple of 'thumb' marks.

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