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Lucy Gresty-p

Popular (usually blonde) model from the late 80s - 90s. Was in MAYFAIR v24 #2 under this name but made a later app in v27 #11 as Lucy Richmond.

    Hustler - 1989-06

    Product ID: hust1989-06c
    Sara Munson has FC as 'Claire' - she is also CF in 10/89 and Covergirl & CF of 9/90. Olga has 10 pgs inc a 3 pg foldout CF. Lucy Gresty has 6 pgs as 'Jinny' and 2 anonymous girlfriends share 8 pgs. Articles about the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas and Who's Killing Star Wars Scientists. Alex Ebel has a 2 pg illo. FINE

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