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Grading Magazines

The single most mportant factor in determining the value of a magazine is, of course, WHO is in the magazine.
The second most important factor is: In what kind of shape is the magazine? 
We use a system of 6 distinct grades to label the overall condition of a particular copy. Since the vast majority of our stock consists of new, unread copies it is no surpise that most of the books offered for sale will fall into the top 3 grades described below. 

FINE++ - Very simply THE BEST you will ever find. New, unread copies with full cover gloss, sharp corners, no stresses or "Thumbing" marks. NO signs of wear whatever. Commonly referred to as Mint, Near Mint, Very Fine, Excellent or one of many other such terms, these copies are unsurpassed. 

FINE+ - Essentially the same as above with minor imperfections. Generally from shipping and handling, such things as light stresses or "Rubbing", tiny corner nudges, a tell-tale thumb mark. In most cases these are barely noticeable and comparable books are routinely graded as Near Mint. 

FINE - These are tight, flat, clean, glossy copies with only minor signs of wear. Books in this grade generally come from one of two categories - new copies that were handled more roughly than others or slightly read copies. The former might have a soft corner or two, stresses on the spine, dates or price neatly written or stamped on cover. The latter will usually show a bit of Thumbing or again a soft corner or light spine wear. Very attractive copies with only minor flaws and comparable to, or better than, most of what you'll see anywhere else. 

VG+ - A very popular and economical grade, these are more likely to be actual used copies. Although a good number are new they have sustained more than usual damage from shipping/handling such as badly dinged corners (most common on oversize issues) or heavy rubbing. Used copies will have the normal wear and tear such as heavier thumb marks, soft corners, stress marks, minor looseness and other common flaws. They are however, still basically tight, flat and clean - highly collectable and good looking as well. 

VG = Very Good - Well read copies with more advanced signs of wear. Expect soft corners or creases, some spine wear or rubbing, perhaps looseness at the staples or CF. Many of the books in this category are very old and rarely found in the higher grades. 

GOOD - Complete and legible the few books in this grade will have more advanced signs of wear. Again, most items in this category will be quite old and scarce in any condition. See individual items for more complete descriptions.