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Janey Reynolds-p

Busty brunette & popular model from the mid 60s. She appeared under numerous names including Ginny Cutrone, Joanne/Janey Frawley & Marli Evans and in numerous mags from FLING & GEMto several PN titles. Key appearances include Candid Annual #1 with FC & CF;FLING 2/65 - FC & feature and Gem 5/70 FC & CF feature.

Adam Calendar - 1966

Adam Calendar - 1966

Product ID: adam-wcal1966d
Folds open to double page size (17" high x 11" wide) - 1 double size page/month except FC & Dec are single page size. Great line-up of popular models in order (Jan thru Dec.) - DeeDee Smith. Patricia Aken, Deneen (aka Denien) Novak, Lissa Landau, Vicky Kennedy, Yajah, Jane Mason, Olga, Kellie Everts, Janey Reynolds, Dorinda Davis aka Stacey Walker and Bette Mars. Bright & glossy, minor stresses along edge where pages are folded - VG+

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