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Busty dark haired model from the 70s who appeared in numerous PN slicks under a variety of names or often anonymously - but rarely as Elaine. Also appeared in a curly blond wig (see FC of 38-26-34 v14 #1) and looks a bit like a heavier Laura Lynnwood.

NOT to be confused w/ Elaine Everette who was usually billed simply as Elaine and is bigger and heavier.

aka Ann Schultz

Block Busters - v06.3

Product ID: pn-Block Busters - v06.3c
(1977) - Denise Deland 'country girl' FC on bale of hay w/ jug of moonshine. Roxanne Brewer has 4 pgs in black leather jacket & cap w/ motorcycle, Laura Lynnwood has 4 pgs as 'Brenda', Yum Yum has 4 pgs as 'Carol, Toby Wenig has 4 pgs as 'Tina', Elaine also has 4 pgs, Nita Daley has 7 pgs inc CF. Penny Ellington has a full pg pic plus several other familiar faces. A few minor stresses at spine, bright, glossy - FINE. There is a single clean 1/4" hole  (from a single hole paper punch) in the upper right corner of the cover and first page - probbly to signify the copy as a newsstand return.
This issue was reprinted as Kingsize International (UK Edition) v1 #12.

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