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High Society Set 1 - 5/76 - 9/84

Complete set from 5/76 (v1 #1) through 9/84 consists of the first 101 issues with NO missing issues (there is no copy of 2/78 since no issue was published that month). Includes all holiday and anniversary issues as well as all the hard to find celebrity issues. With all calendars, posters, records, special inserts and any miscellaneous bonus items that were included with the regular monthly issues - most are still attached! Also includes a Fine uncut version of 11/79 with Barbara Striesand photos intact and a superb Fine+ copy of 3/82 with the rare Jody Foster Cover in addition to the regular version.
A really nice set with nearly all magazines (including the first issue) strong VG+ or better. This is a beautiful set of mags and a super deal - all 101 issues for only $1,300.00 + 40.00 for shipping. You can spend twice that buying them one at a time and you won't end up with a better set - even IF you can find them all!!

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