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Oui - 1980-10

8th Anniversary Issue. Covergirl is Care Felix (she was also Covergirl of 5/79). Karen Densmore has 10 pgs inc CF. Allee (Alison) Tyrer has 8 pgs (she also has 6 pgs in 5/82). Plus long 12 pg feature on Oui's Favorite Girls inc 2 pgs each Nancy Suiter, Quinn Cummings (aka Eva Voorhees), Rinah (Joyce Gibson) and 2 pgs of Nina Carter & Jilly Johnson - the singing duo Blonde on Blonde. Supermodel and girlfriend of Mick Jagger, Jerry Hall has big 5 pg Interview w/ pics. Also an Interview w/ comedian Dom DeLuise. Features on hot tubs and spas, front-wheel drive autos and college sex ed courses. Clive Collins has 1 pg cartoon.
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