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After Hours - v1 #4

1957 by Jay Pub. Co. This rare mag is a combination of cheesecake and monsters.- beauties and beasts. Anita Ekberg has FC + 4 pgs, Bettie Page also has 4 pgs, so does Eve Meyer photographed by Russ. Plus 2 pgs of Madeleine Castle and a dynamite full pg pic of Tina Louise in a fishnet bodystocking with pasties and g-string. "Confessions of a Science fiction Addict" by Forrest J. Ackerman. This is a great article with mag covers and pics - just before he started Famous Monsters in 1958. And a 5 pg feature on H'wood Beauties & Beasts - girls menaced by monsters. A whole lot of stuff packed into only 48 pgs.

Please note that this item is a CD - NOT the magazine itself.

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