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v2.4 - Best of Fox

Winter, 1987 - Excellent all photo issue w/ 12 diff pictorials. Nearly all of this material is reprints of features that originally appeared in FOX magazine. Generally they are the same but a few of these have had pgs deleted from the original presentation. The dates listed are the dates this feature originally appeared in FOX and I've noted any differences. Barbara Dare has BC + 8 big pgs (7/87 less CF), Joni Flynn has 7 pgs (1/87 less 3 pgs), Jeanie Pepper has 6 pgs (9/86 less 4 pgs) and Jeanette Severinsen (aka angela Fowler) has 8 pgs as 'Eugenia' (9/86 less 2 pgs). Plus Maureen and Valerie (9/86) each have 10 pgs, Lynn (1/87 less CF), Aida (3/87), Wanda (5/87), Rina (5/87 less 2 pgs) and Serena (7/87 less 2 pgs) each have 8 pgs. Amber has 6 pgs (7/86 less last 4 pgs). FINE copy is bright & glossy, a few minor stresses. VG+ copy is bright & glossy, some minor stresses and light rubbing.
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