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Frolic - 1967-04

Stacey Walker has FC + 4 pgs as 'Liz Trainor'. Eve Early (Covergirl of Follies 11/68 and Vue 9/67), Carleen Brady and May August each have 3 pgs. Blaze Starr, Lisa Collins, Elke Dunn, Eileen Franklin, Cherie Chase, Suzanne Morton, Dorothy Parker, Mania Marlow, Becky Broderick, Valerie Van Doren and Gay Robbins each have 2 pgs. Cleo Simmons and Simmer Lee each have 1 pg, Starr Murphy has a nearly full pg color pic as 'Marie Chandler'. Plus many other popular models inc Sandi Frost, Teri Martine, Ann Walker, Vivian Maledy, Margaret Middleton and more!. Good copy has been well read and handled, some spine stresses, 1" tear on top edge of cover but no serious defects.
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