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Velvet - Foxes # 02

(11-12/82) - Great mag is squarebound, 100 pgs of cover to cover (except 3 pgs ads) pics - mostly full page or double page. 11 photo sets in all including several familiar faces. Jacqueline Lorians has 8 pgs as 'Lauren' and Cody Nicole has 8 pgs as 'Sascha'. Loni Sanders & girlfriend Barbara Schaeffer share 6 pgs and Marianne (Sylvia Wright?) has 8 pgs. Plus Samantha has the inside BC + 8 pgs, Katrina and Priscilla each have 10 pgs. Girlfriends Mindy & Suzanne share the inside BC + 8 pgs - this photo set is a party scene w/ lots of balloons and was used in multiple issues of Swank - the brunette looks very similar to Victoria Knoll. Sara and Gina share 8 pgs, Marsha & boyfriend Andy have the inside FC + 8 pgs and Bonnie & Clyde have 10 pgs. Extremely bright & glossy, basically new w/ a couple of very minor stresses - FINE+

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