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Velvet - 1988-11

Andrea Clarke has FC + 8 fantastic pgs inc CF as Miss Nude London - Laura Ashley. Shanna McCullough has 8 pgs w/ Robert Bullock plus a 4 pg Interview w/ pics. Porn star Barbii (Hall) and a girlfriend share 8 pgs, a different Barbie and girlfriend Joanna have 6 pgs. Carolyn & Tara each have 6 pgs. Blake Palmer and girlfriend have 5 pgs, Carla & Ray have 6 pgs. Plus an Interview w/ erotic art dealer Jospeh Vasta. Extremely bright & glossy, basically new but has an unusual diagonal slice (from a box cutter or razor?) about 1/3" long on bottom edge of book - very small and almost unnoticeable on most pgs.

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