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Velvet - 1984-08

Blake Palmer and a Mermaid (is Donna Devlin aka Heather Thomas) on the FC + 10 great pgs. Herschell Savage has 10 pgs w/ Lori and nurse Terri. Eva (FC & CF of 1/83) has 7 pgs, Monique (pretty sure this is Gina Carerra) has 6 pgs. Shana Ross and a bald Janey Robbins share 6 pgs (pics from same photo shoot as Club 8/83) and Naughty Girl finalist Candi has 4 pgs. Plus 8 pgs of Sex Olympics w/ Loni Sanders, Victoria Knoll, Randy West, Kevin James and others - diff pics from same photo shoot as 9/80. Article about Coke wars. FINE++ copy is very bright & glossy, New, unread! FINE+ copy is basically new w/ a tiny bit of light rubbing along spine.
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