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Velvet - 1984-01

"The Lovers" by Ron Raffaelli FC + 6 pgs inc CF + both sides of a detachable 4 pg poster on heavy stock - poster is still attached. Erica Elson has 8 pgs as 'Terry', Black model Shanna Evans has 6 pgs as 'Mona' and Lois Ayres has 7 pgs. Alicia has 5 pgs and Bonnie Winters (sex search winner #2) has 4 pgs. Plus the Miss Nude Venus contest from the Ponderosa Sun Club and an erotic fashion show in New York. FINE+ copy is basically new, unread but glossy black cover shows fingerprints. Fine copy is bright & glossy, basically new but BC and last several pgs have a sort of 'ripple' (from stacking?).
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