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Velvet - 1978-01

Nancy has 9 pgs inc a 2 pg foldout. Penny has 6 pgs, Lana & Marlene each have 5 pgs and the Vaginette twins (that's what is says) have 7 pgs - 1 might be Linda Gordon. Plus an anonoymous girl has 9 pgs inc a 2nd 2 pg foldout, girlfriends Jackie & Jill have 5 pgs and an orgy pictorial. Interview w/ rocker Ted Nugent. Articles about cockfighting and cocaine. Also a 4 pg fantasy art strip 'Velvita' by Dante Volpe. FINE copy is very bright & glossy, basically NEW but has some light scratches on FC and a small 1/3" tear on top edge of BC. VG+ copy is bright & glossy, a few stresses and small bump on top right corner.
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