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Cheri - 1981-10

Covergirl is Felicity Buirski (she also has pictorials in 3/80 & 10/82) and Tanya has 9 pgs inc a 3 pg CF. Sian Adey Jones has 6 pgs as 'Lalla' and Jacqueline Lorians has 6 pgs as 'Monique' w/ the artist known as Wayland. Sylvia has 7 pgs, Belinda & Samantha each have 6 pgs and Lorna has 5 pgs. Girlfriends Danielle & Liat share 6 pgs. Plus an 8 pg feature on the Miss Nude Indy 500 contest, the Hot Tub Club a couple of girls who have no names and an anonymous couple.
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