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Ace - 1975-02

Covergirl Rita Morgan also has 4 pgs, Lilly Pinkham has 6 pgs inc CF (pretty sure this is Linda Linear) and  Eve Rory has 5 pgs. Roberta Pedon has 4 pgs as 'Patty Nielsen', Lanette Ausley has 4 pgs as 'Jo' and Serena has 3 pgs as 'Lovey Martin'. Julia Watherton has 4 pgs, a pair of anonymous girlfriends have 4 pgs and Terry Gale has 3 pgs. Sharon Kelly is on the BC - same pic as the FC of Wildcat 3/74. An article by Ed Wood, Jr. 'A Tax on Sex?' and an article about W.C. Fields. Bright & glossy, barely touched - FINE

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