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Rogue - Special #1

Winter 1974 - Big 100 pg issue features 12 diff girls. Jill Carter has 6 pgs inc CF, Robin Charles also has 6 pgs. Rita Carson has 5 pgs (she was Molly O'Brien in Debonair 9/73), Ursula (aka Katja) has 4 pgs as 'Kim Reamer'. Roxanne, Donna de Corea and Ricki Martin each have 4 pgs. Laurie Winters, Kathy Parrish, Carla and Anonymous each have a 6 pg Interview w/ pics and Louise has a 3 pg Intervew w/ pics. This one has been read and handled a bit but no serious defects. Some smudging on cover, crease on edge of BC - VG

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