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Glamour International - Bizarre Life #4

10/92 - This 88 page issue features covers by Peter Driben and a 12 pg article with 24 classic covers from 1937 - 1955. A long 40 page section on Bettie Page includes Sweet Bettie part 3 with a 2 pg list of appearances in the Harrison pubs of the 50s with 9 pgs of reprints, artwork by Lion Frolic & Mark Nitchels and 'Who Killed Betty Page?' a 17 pg comic strip by Mickey Maserer & Roby Boldeceenee. In addition there is an 11 pg feature on Bill Ward with 26 great illustrations including 6 full pg, a 10 pg imaginary interview with the ghost of John Willie that includes numerous illustrations and a 3 pg feature on French cartoonis Jacques David.  

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