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Glamour International #22

1/96 - Unlike most issues this 88 page volume is not devoted to a single theme. It features a FC painting of Bettie Page spanking a redhead by Leone Frollo and the BC is the same image without text. There is a huge 29 page feature on pin-up artist Earl MacPherson with dozens of illustrations. A separate section on Bettie Page includes Sweet Bettie #4 - a 2 pg listing of her appearances in Harrison pubs of the 50s and 13 pages of reprints plus 4 pgs of Bettie by Lion Frolic. A bondage section has 'Battling Bondage Babes' - 4 pgs by Eric Stanton, 7 full page illos by Gene Bilbrew and 'The Dangeous Plight of Princess Elaine' - 15 pages by Eneg (aka Bilbrew).

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