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Glamour International #15

1/91 - The Mouth Issue. This 100 page issue features covers by Leone Frollo, 'The Mouth Of Desire' - 12 pgs with dozens of photos & illustrations including 2 small Vargas illos, Women smoking - 11 pgs of pics & illos, 'Famous Mouths' - 20 pgs of photos of famous movie stars including Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield and many others. Also a long section devoted to 'The Blue Mouth' focusing on oral sex that has 4 pages each with 16 small photos with dozens of famous porn stars, and 4 pgs each of art by Milo Manara 'Sweet Miele', Georges Pichard, Alessandro Baldanzi 'Marilyn Monroe & A Coke Bottle', Guido Crepax 'O' and 3 pgs of 'Deep Throat' by Leone Frollo. In addition there is 'Remembering Tanino' a 5 pg comic strip by Giuseppe Palumbo, 'Feminna' - 8 pgs by Riccardo Mannelli and 9 pgs of art by Filippo De Pisis.

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