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Pop - 1976-03-15

Pop - 1976-03-15

#12 -  From Italy, this is a weekly news type of magazine focusing on just about anything to do with sex. Lots of features on European films and film stars, famous poeple, scandals, general articles about sex, etc. Most are relatively short 1 - 3 pages and normally have several pics. All have nice photo FCs, color CFs, 64 pgs, and about 12 - 16 pgs of color pics. Lots of anonymous models & couples and even when identified many of the names are bogus although clearly famous people are usually correctly IDed.   

Jane Birkin has 2 pgs. A very familiar looking 'Nives Bianchi' has 2 pgs, Paola Tedesco & Gilda Pomez each have 2 pgs, Betty Levy Struass has 1 1/2 pgs.

Mag in nice shape - clean and bright, lightly read and a small '1.75' written on FC - VG+

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