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Modern Man - Special #25

Annual - Although cover says Winter 1963 it is actually Winter 1962 because #27 is Winter 1963. Outstanding FC of Jayne Mansfield in sheer white nightgown (same pic on BC) + 1 pg. Marilyn Monroe has 3 pgs, Suzanne Baxter, Nina Morina and Althea Currier each have 4 pgs - one of Althea's is a full pg color pic. Julie Williams, Faye Symms, Tina Ardell, Eve Eden, Gina Graham (aka Chris Carter), Pamela Morris, Jutka Goz, Gaby Rougier, Susi Peterson, Lucinda Bathhurst and Australian Dollynda each have 3 pgs. Iris Bristol, Trudy Wise and Zola Taylor each have 2 pgs. VG+ copy is very bright & glossy, a few minor stresses and small bump at bottom of spine. VG copy is bright & glossy, some stresses and a 1" tear on bottom edge of BC.
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