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Block Busters - v04.3

(1975) - Another great issue starts w/ busty blond covergirl Ellen Silverman (she is also in v1 #3). Roberta Pedon has 5 pgs as 'Monica', Joyce Gibson has 4 pgs as 'Tanya', Sylvia McFarland has 4 ps as 'Louise', Christine de Schaeffer has 4 pgs as 'Bonnie', Julia Winger (aka Cherie Pinegar) has 4 pgs as 'Dottie, Hannah Griffin has 2 pgs as 'Linda', Covergirl from v3 #2 has 4 pgs as 'Bettina', Toby Wenig on BC plus several more familiar faces!

Please note that this item is a CD - NOT the magazine itself.

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