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Oui - 1973-08

Covergirl Sue Paul had 6 pgs in 3/73. Marie Ekkore has 9 pgs inc a 3 pg foldout CF (she also has 5 pgs in 5/82 and is Covergirl & CF of Penthouse 3/74). Fiona Lewis has 8 pgs. Also 5 pgs of French postcards and an 8 pg pictorial 'The Bottom of France'. Interview w/ Diana Rigg (star of the TV series 'The Avengers'). Articles about Alexandro Jodorowsky, phone freaks, bicycle racer Eddie Merckx and extant monsters of North America. Also 'Face to Face With the Goat God' by William Burroughs. Alain Aslan has a full pg pin-up painting.
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