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Oui - 1972-10

Covergirl Nadia Cassini also has 6 pgs. Florence Fossorier has 10 pgs inc a 3 pg foldout CF (w/ boyfriend). Fashion model Rita Scherier has 8 pgs. Also a 6 pg pictorial feature on the girls of French artist Alain Aslan. Interview w/ Marlon Brando. Articles about the CIA's Air America in Southeast Asia and Nazi hunter Beate Klarsfeld plus a pictorial feature on motocross. Alain Aslan has a full pg pin-up painting.

Many copies of this issue originally had a 2 1/2"x3" yellow sticker in the lower right corner announcing it as the 'Premiere Issue'. On some lower grade copies the sticker may have been removed or lost. However I also have copies that appear to not have had the sticker at all and they are listed as 'No sticker'.

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