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Linda McDowell & Candy Samples

Linda McDowell & Candy Samples

This is 3 movies spliced together on a 7", 400' reel. Film is in a heavy cardboard box from a Scotch reel-to-reel audio tape.

First film is Pretty Girl #11 w/ Linda, John Holmes & Rick Cassidy. Running time is 11:40. Film is mirror image of the original and has a slight reddish tint but is still pretty good. Great hardcore action and an incredible D.P.


Second film is Playmate #11 w/ Linda and John Holmes. Running time is 10:30 - appears to be missing the beginning sequence. Quality is pretty good.


Third film is truncated version of Cinema Sex #142, running time is 11:31 -it's missing the entire opening scene. Is Candy Samples and 2 guys in full hardcore action. Quality is pretty good.

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