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Show Girl Nudes

Show Girl Nudes

No date - ca. 1990. Made in Taiwan. Most of the girls featured in this deck are Playboy Playmates. They include Patricia Farinelli (12/81), Rebecca Ferrati (6/86), Lynne Austin (7/86 - 2 cards), Carmen Berg (7/87), Sharry Konopski (8/87 - on front of box + 1 card), Gwen Hajek (9/87 - 2 cards), Pam Stein (11/87 - 4 cards), India Allen (12/87), Kimberly Conrad (1/88), Susie Owens (3/88), Eloise Broady (4/88), Diana Lee (5/88 - one joker), Teri Lynn Doss (7/88), Shannon Long (10/88)Laurie Wood (3/89 - 2 cards), Jennifer Jackson (4/89), Monique Noel (5/89 - 3 cards), Tawnni Cable (6/89 - 6 cards), Gianna Amore (8/89 - 4 cards), Karen Foster (10/89 - 3 cards) and Petra Verkaik (12/89 - one joker). Most of the remaining cards are Penthouse Pets and there are a few I can't identify. 
These are new, sealed in cellophane. Never opened or used.

The complete breakdown of the deck is as follows, by suit, from 2 thru Ace

Clubs - Tawnni Cable, Jennifer Jackson, India Allen, Unknown, Laurie Wood, Pam Stein, Tawnni Cable, Angela Nicholas (Pent Pet 8/85), Karen Foster, Jenna
             Persaud (Pent Pet 4/87), Tawnni Cable, Gianna Amore, Monique Noel

Diamonds - Gianna Amore, Gwen Hajek, Gwen Hajek, Karen Foster, Lynne Austin, Patricia Farinelli, Unknown, Monique Noel, Unknown, Tawnni Cable,
                   Unknown, Terri Lynn Doss, Gianna Amore

Hearts - Sharry Konopski, Kimberly Conrad, Rebecca Ferratti, Gianna Amore, Karen Foster, Terri Lenee Peake (Pent Pet 10/87), Shannon Long, Monique Noel, Stephanie Page (Pent Pet 9/87), Lisa Mandoki (Pent Pet 7/87), Tawnni Cable, Carmen Berg, Lynne Austin

Spades - Unknown , Pam Stein, Pam Stein, Susie Owens, Tawnni Cable, Laurie Wood, Sheila Kennedy (Pent Pet 12/81), Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Pam Stein, Unknown, Eloise Broady

Jokers - Diana Lee & Petra Verkaik  


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