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Rogue - 1970-06

Covergirl is Diana Vre - she is also in 8/70. Penny McDermott has 5 pgs inc CF w/ Ahmed Al Raheed - the Giant Turk. Yvonne Stephens has 4 pgs, Wilhemina Wrobel has 3 pgs and Ann has 5 pgs. Plus Sex Superstars of the 70s featuring 8 girls each w/  2 pgs - Carol Doda, Geri Miller, Leslie Rubin, Kathrin King (Oh Calcutta), Rosella Olson (Guess What We Learned in School Today?), Ronda Copeland (The Strawberry Statement), Mimsy Farmer (More) and topless cellist Charlotte Moorman. An article about Jack Nicholson. Bright & glossy, a few stresses - VG+

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