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Club - 1990-10

v16 #9 is first regular size issue, pg count increased to 116. Samantha Fox on FC, Samantha Taylor has 10 pgs inc CF as 'Claire'. Seka has 5 pgs Brandy Ledford (as 'Giselle') shares 6 pgs w/ girlfriend Krystina, Jolene Juggs has 4 pgs. Emma Nixon has 6 pgs, Ashley Nicole (as 'Kat') has 6 pgs w/ boyfriend, Shanelle has 6 pgs, Jennifer has 4 pgs and Kim has 3 pgs. Bill Ward 2 pg 'Debbie' comic strip.

The CF of this issue, Claire (aka Samantha Taylor), is a perfect example of why making IDs is such a royal pain. She was in several issues in about a year's time as follows: 10/90 - CF, hol '90 - 5 pgs, 3/91 - 5 pgs, 10/91 - 7 pgs as 'Mandy' and 1/92(?) - 7 pgs. The last one is a 2-girl feature 'Gill & Claire'. If she is the Claire half then the other girl is Gill. However, Gill was the CF of both 8/91 & 11/91 as 'Claire'. So, if that is the Claire in this pictorial then Claire is Gill - got it?
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