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Kari Klark

Blonde model/porn star from the late 70s - early 80s. Was CF of Hustler 12/78 with this name, also featured in Penthouse 1/81 as 'Kari Burton'. Starred in the 1979 porn flick 'Star Virgin'.

aka Cameron Norton

    Hustler - 1978-12

    Carolyn Burch shares FC + 10 pgs w/ boyfriend. Kari Klark has 10 pgs inc a 3 pg foldout CF (She was also in Penthouse 1/81 as Kari Burton). Articles about the Assassination of Malcolm X and Father DePaul Genska - The Hookers Priest. Honey Hooker comic strip. Olivia de Berardinis has 1 page w/ 4 Xmas cards.

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