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Melanie Larsen

Popular brunette model from the early - mid 90s. Appeared in Mayfair 5 times (v26 #7, v27 #11, v28 #1, v28 #6, v28 #10) and Men's World v5 #4.

    Gallery - 1994-03

    Product ID: gall1994-03c
    Girl Next Door of the Year Runner-up Samantha (was in 4/93) has FC + 10 pgs inc CF. Current GND Tambi has 11 pgs, Lana Cox has 7 pgs as 'Mica'. Melanie Larsen and Cass each have 8 pgs. Melanie Bolton has 7 pgs as 'Gwen', Sandrine has 6 pgs as 'Ardeen' and Saffron has 6 pgs. Profile of director John Woo and articles on the NHL and death row.

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